Our Place Year in Review

Below is reproduced an e-mail I received from Our Place, a drop-in center for “Kids-at risk” in Brooklyn. The statistics below are unfortunately not exaggerations. I spent a year working there and saw the work they do, and if ever there was an organization worthy of someone else’s money, it’s Our Place.
Many organizations exist which claim to help teens in these terrible situations, but none of them hold a candle to Our Place. The two most striking differences between Our Place and any other organizations I’ve seen or been involved with is the truly unconditional love shown by the staff to the kids who drop in, and the unwavering commitment to putting the kids before the institution. To quote Chaim Glancz, even though he would probably object if he saw this, “There’s no point to the institution if we put it before the kids. We’re here to help them–that’s why we exist. If the institution ever comes before the kids then we should just shut down.”

I felt both of those attributes strongly, not only while volunteering, but even subsequently, after I left; every time I visit I’m greeted as lovingly as I was when I worked there. I don’t usually make it my business to tell people which organizations to support, seeing as there are so many that do important work, but Our Place is the only organization I vocally support and promote because I know for a fact that every penny they receive is put toward helping children directly. Please give what you can; you are literally saving lives.

Life on the Street
90% of teens and young adults that benefit from Our Place services are struggling with substance abuse and/or addictionsOver 85% of Our Place youth have been abused during their pre-teen and teenage years – emotionally, physically, and/or sexually

70% of high school-aged boys that frequent our drop-in centers are not enrolled in a high school

10% of Our Place teens are homeless; 20% do not live at home

Over 50% of Our Place teens have been arrested before the age of 18

Over the past 15 years, the Our Place staff has been called upon to assist in burying over 40 teen victims of suicide and drug overdose

The our place Response
The Our Place network services almost 1,000 Jewish teens & young adults annually230 teens attend our drop-in centers, at least once a week; over 750 attend annually

For many teens, the nightly dinner served at Our Place is their only meal of the day

100 teens are sent annually to Detox; 90 are placed each year in Rehabilitation Centers

The Living Room has serviced 250 long-term members over the past decade, with 90 active participants currently attending

Our Place assists 30 students annually to enroll in Metro Area college programs

5-10 teens enlist in the Israel Defense Forces each year

80% of Living Room Members celebrate 1-year of sobriety and drug-free living; 65% have stayed active in a 12-step program for 5 years or more

85 Our Place teens undertook paid employment this past year through the assistance of an Our Place employee or volunteer

150 Our Place teens currently attend Yeshivot in Israel; many others make Aliya


Our Place in NY Inc. is a registered Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible

For more information on Our Place, visit http://www.OurPlaceNY.org

44 Wall Street.2nd Floor. New York, NY 10005 – Tel: 212-248-4141


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