Join ZAAKAH In Protesting Yaakov Perlow’s Child Rape Enabling Policies

I don’t want anyone thinking that we’ve packed up and gone home just because we didn’t get the Child Victims Act this past session. I don’t want anyone thinking that our last protest was just revenge against Agudah for lobbying against it. We haven’t forgotten. We haven’t run out of steam. We haven’t given up. And it’s not just about the Child Victims Act.

We’re going to be protesting again this month, this time outside of the Novominsker Shul at 1644 48th street. Join us there on July 23rd at 3 PM to send Yaakov Perlow, the Moetzes, and Agudah a message:

We won’t go away until the Child Victims Act is passed.

We won’t go away until you make it unequivocally clear that the proper response to child sexual abuse is to report the abuser immediately to the authorities, not asking a rabbi or reporting to administrations.

We won’t go away until we are satisfied that the children in your community are safe, that the people who prey on them will be brought to justice, and that the survivors are supported.

If we learned anything from our last protest it’s that there are countless people who have either personally experienced abuse, or have children, relatives, or friends who have experienced child sexual abuse, and that they’re all getting fed up.

Join ZAAKAH in giving them a voice, and be a part of the change.

Facebook Event Link:



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